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To run the Statement of Accounts for the Sales Ledger go to the Navigator Main Menu and select Accounts. In the drop down Menu that appears select Sales Ledger. A window similar to the below will then display:




Select the Statements button at the top of the window. The following window will then display:




Enter the required date and tick whether or not you want to print or email the statements.


If you select email, it will email statements to all customers that are setup to have the statements received by email. If the account is not setup to receive statements by emails then it will be printed.


If you want to print a Statement of Account for only one account then you do the following:


Go into the required Sales Ledger account through Enquiry. When the account is on window select Transactions at the top of the window on the grey bar. On the drop down list select the option for Statement of Account.


The statement of account will then display on window so that you can either print or email it to the customer. An example of a Statement of Account is shown below: